13 September 2017

Design Principles

Data Center is considered critical part of an organization whether it is private, enterprise, or government and even small universities in suburb area because Data Center uses large data of information to operate functionality of that organization. IT department plays responsible role of Data Center and constantly plan building and improving Data Center in order to achieve data requirement and must consider reliability and efficiency.

Today, besides selecting computers and applications, others such as infrastructure equipment becomes as much as important because cost of electricity and maintenance can cause complication and annual budget. Therefore, choosing equipment technology such as UPS, Precision Air, Fire Suppression System, Monitoring System, Security System, and Data Cabling and Civil & Structure should highly consider using efficient and reliable design or Green Concept. Most IT people prefer to refer to UPTIME, BICSI, TIA942, and Engineering Institute of Thailand. (EIT)

Precision Air within Data Center has many new technology including EC fan technology or Electrical Commuted which doesn’t require driven belt causing no friction loss or Hotgas Reheat to recycle wasted heat and use it again within Data Center to increase temperature in some conditions.In addition, using Chilled Water Precision Air can bring cost effective method when compared to Air Cooled Type to comply with green solution but may have some disadvantage in such that Chiller is shared with other parts of building. In order to leave complication behind, owner should design dedicated Chiller only for Data Center and should be from the same manufacture of Precision Air. More importantly, when designing heat load, designer must calculate load both for present and future use based on IT requirement.When it comes to UPS selection, main concern is Inverter Efficiency which should be no lessthan 96% in order to achieve highest reliability because Efficiency Loss happens the entire time during operation. Usually, designer uses Static UPS technology or battery type but battery lifetime can be as short as 3 year and then having to replace so today a lot of people start to use Flywheel UPS by using Kinetic Energy concept to supply power. Advantages of Flywheel UPS is long lifetime over 20 year because it is technology of no battery and require less space of installation and Return of Investment is less than 5 year in terms of electricity cost compared to battery type UPS.Fire Suppression System in Thailand always uses Gas System because Thai culture has an old belief of using Gas would not damage computer equipment while others in Europe or America uses Sprinkler and Water Mist because it is safer and more green. When it comes to water of ceasing fire, Water Mist is the most effective method because the system complies with more than 1,000 standards around the World including FM, UL, NFPA 13, NFPA 750, and others. Water mist system discharge 100 micron of water droplets and eliminates ionization in order to reduce electric conductivity. Additionally, pump of Water Mist system can be chosen between regular electric pump or standalone pump called Gas Driven Pump Unit which requires no electricity and saves cost on electrical design.For some organization, budget of Water Mist System may not be enough so designer will use Inert Gas which can be IG-55 or IG-100 and both are included in NFPA2001 stating clean agent causing zero Global warming and Ozone depletion. Over more, the system called NOVEC 1230 becomes very popular and many has claimed that this system will replace FM-200 entirely because FM-200 may no longer be produced.Electronics security such as CCTV, access control, Water Leak Detector, Aspiration Smoke Detector, Security IT room, and Data Safe are important part of Data Center design. Each equipment would have different technology and design should select whichever specification that would most benefit their Data Center.Security IT room is not very well known in Thailand but very popular elsewhere. When designing Security IT room, one should refer to EN-1047-2 Standard which states a room must be able to maintain temperature no more than 70 degree Celsius and 85% relative humidity within the room for one hour. After one hour, the room must be able to reach another 960 minute of the same condition with the fire put out and we call this process Soak out time. The budget of Security IT room is high but when comparing to valuable data, it is worth it.Designing high efficient and reliable Data Center may bring high budget but it could be a better solution when it comes to less maintenance and zero downtime. Using technology requires all departments to make decision and study technology carefully. Constantly improving technology can also be important in order to keep Data Center in good shape and energy saving.

Reference :The Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.M.The King’s Patronage